Rakeback Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Rake?

Rake is how poker rooms make their money. That is the money that the poker rooms deduct from every pot. Usually the rake is a couple of percent with a cap at around $3 at the highest limits. There is also rake on tournaments, where the large portion of the buy in goes to the prize pool, and a small fee goes to the poker site.

What is Rakeback?

Rakeback is a refund to the online-poker player. With a rakeback deal, poker players receive a refund of a percentage of the rake which they contribute to the poker room. A standard Rakeback offer usually ranges from 20% to 40%, however but sometimes players can get an even better offer.

If you rake $1000 in one month, you will get $350 back with a 35% Rakeback deal.

The more you rake, the more you get back.

Poker Rakeback Stats
In this picture the player has raked €1630.46. Based on a 30% Rakeback Deal, the player will get €489.13 paid into their account on the day rakeback is paid.

How do I sign up for a rakeback deal?

Simply join your poker room of choice by clicking on any one of the poker room links or banners featured on this site (visit our poker rakeback deals page) to see available deals. As long as you download the poker room software and create an account via our tracking link, you will automatically get a rakeback deal associated with your account.

Are there ‘under the table’ rakeback deals that feature good value?

Some under the table deals out there, but be extremely wary : These deals often turn out to be scams. Because they are not official deals, the party who gives you such a deal does so on the basis of an informal mutual agreement, (meaning neither party carries any responsibility in a setup like this whatsoever, and the party offering the rakeback deal may back out at any time.

Can I get rakeback on my existing account on poker site X?

Unfortunately you probably can’t. There are poker rooms though that will convert your existing account to a rakeback account under the right circumstances. Contact us about any such move you intend to make, and we’ll will do our negotiate with the poker room on your behalf.

I heard about cashback. Is that the same as rakeback?

From the player’s perspective it is. From the poker room’s perspective it’s not. Rooms that had a network-wide policy against rakeback offered cashback as an alternative in the past, however this practice is not very common.

Is it OK if I create an account at the poker room first and then contact you for rakeback?

Unfortunately, it’s not OK.
If you create an account at the room first, you’ll be stuck with an account with no rakeback, for life!. Make sure you bookmark this site and if you wish to join a new site in the future, you can get a rakeback deal set up immediately!

What about iPoker Rakeback

IPoker does not permit flat rakeback deals – instead, each site on the network can offer players access to their own VIP Program which can offer rewards (such as cashback, tournament tokens & other prizes) based on activity on the tables. VIP / Loyalty programs are essentially the same thing as rakeback, and they can often offer more value than flat rakeback (for high-volume players) too.

How do I get the money I earn through rakeback?

Poker rooms usually transfer the amount due automatically into your poker account on the last day of the month (however some poker rooms pay rakeback in the middle of the month, or weekly)

If the transfer is not automatic (it usually is), the money may be transferred via Neteller or via direct poker room deposit.

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